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NEWS We are pleased to announce that Dr. Yiannis Kompatsiaris (Information Technologies Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece) will take the opening keynote!

Welcome to MSDM 2014!

In recent years, social media platforms have continued to grow in popularity and have become an interesting source of heterogeneous data for many application areas such as finance, telecommunications, biology, security, logistics, entertainment, social television. Even if all these data are really attractive and impactful, given the breadth of potential applications in the big data space, their management is still a great challenge and in many research contexts the proposed techniques are developed focusing on single aspects without looking at how local or global phenomena are influenced by different types of data like user profiles, networks topology, multimedia streaming, user interactions.

The idea underlying the workshop is to discuss how research contributions in different computer science areas can help better explain social data and build new applications.

The workshop will bring together experts in social network analysis, natural language processing, multimodal data management and integration, scalable data analysis, machine learning as well as researchers active in the multiple industrial application domains. The major topics of the workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of different media data (text, speech, video, images, relational data)
  • Scalable data processing and analysis
  • Social context understanding
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Community detection
  • Social targeting
  • Social media and entertainment, including social television
  • Mining of multi-format/multimedia/multi-modal social data
  • Topic and event detection in social data
  • Tensor based Analysis for heterogeneous data
  • Visualization Techniques for social data
  • Social Crowd Sourcing Data Management
  • Applications of social media, such as Health, Finance, Energy, Education, Entertainment domain
  • Spatial e temporal data management in social media
  • Semantic Data Management in social media